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In today’s aviation market, staying competitive means finding ways to constantly improve the travel experience, while reducing costs. PressReader gives airlines a new, innovative way to create a unique travel experience, deliver maximum value to passengers and minimize operational costs.

With a library of over 5,000 premium newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Business Traveler, and ForbesDaily, PressReader is the ideal news and entertainment solution for airlines seeking to offer their customers a vast range of international publications with enhanced digital features.

PressReader can be easily activated in executive lounges or on-board  keeping travelers connected with same-day newspapers and the most current issues of magazines.

  •   In executive lounges - With PressReader HotSpot, travelers will have unlimited access through the Wi-Fi connection– no login required. Once a title is downloaded it can be viewed offline anywhere, anytime
  •   IFE (in-flight entertainment)PressReader Offline can be customized for seat-back IFE systems or streamed wirelessly to travelers on personal or airline provided tablets or eReaders.
The PressReader Advantage

PressReader’s innovative, eco-friendly solution will give travelers the memorable travel experience that will build loyalty and increase traveler satisfaction level.

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience like no other with its cutting technology. Travelers have on-demand access to a selection of over 5,000 publications titles delivered as stunning full-content digital newspapers and magazines. And with enhanced features like on-demand audio, translation of up to 14 languages and article sharing via social media, PressReader is a unique service that offers travelers an enjoyable reading experience.

PressReader is not only portable and convenient for travelers, but also cost effective for airlines. As a lightweight alternative to the printed format of newspapers and magazines brought on board, PressReader contributes to reducing costs by reducing fuel consumption.

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience including features unique to the brand:

  •   Instant translation in up to 14 languages
  •   Advanced cross-title search to find stories on any topic across all publications
  •   On-demand audio for easy listening
  •   Seamless horizontal reading powered by  SmartFlow technology

PressReader can be accessed on laptops, tablets, smartphones and eReaders running on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry 10. Ensuring a consistent reading experience across all devices, PressReader allows travelers to enjoys the news on any device.

PressReader offers airlines opportunities to generate ancillary revenues through sponsored messaging, subscription referral and loyalty programs. This revenue sharing opportunity can help offset costs and offer an additional revenue stream for those looking to leverage their extensive partnerships.

PressReader is all the paper without all the paper. Its digital nature contributes to preserving the environment. With more environmentally conscious consumers looking for opportunities to support forward-thinking businesses, eco-minded airlines will enjoy the benefits that PressReader’s digital platform offers.

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