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Businesses and institutions consistently need to stay ahead of the competition and keep abreast with current news and information. PressReader is a comprehensive digital resource of relevant and current content that offers considerable cost savings and increased efficiencies.

With a database of over 5,000 trusted newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, the Guardian and ForbesDaily, PressReader is the world’s most comprehensive and trusted digital news resource that businesses and institutions can offer their employees access to current publications with enhanced features for fact-checking, monitoring and researching. Its proprietary technology makes access to content easy, convenient and engaging for any user.

PressReader can easily be activated in any office or workplace:

  • In the office - With PressReader HotSpot, staff will have unlimited access through a Wi-Fi connection on their personal device– no login required. Once a title is downloaded it can be viewed anywhere, anytime.
  • Offsite access – Staff can login through PressDisplay by PressReader, to access publications online.
The PressReader Advantage

PressReader’s licensing agreements with publishers a means access to same-day full-content news in digital format, even before the print copies hit newsstands. This source for trusted, premium content allows students and faculty to get the latest information all in one place at their fingertips.

PressReader is a powerful tool designed to help busy professionals make informed decisions. PressReader works on any laptop, tablet, smartphone, and eReader personal devices and downloaded copies of publications can be read anytime, anywhere.

Set up of PressReader is easy and cost effective for both employees and employers. With their personal devices, employees can access content anytime, anywhere reducing the need for employers to invest in additional equipment. In addition, the vast collection of international newspapers and magazines makes PressReader an all-in-one platform that reduces the need to manage and purchase expensive subscriptions to international publications effectively saving costs.

PressReader is an eco-friendly solution that eliminates waste and clutter. For environmentally conscious businesses, PressReader is an eco-friendly alternative.

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience including features unique to the brand:

  • Monitor & alerts to track news on your selected topic
  • Advanced cross-title search to find stories on your topic across all publications
  • Auto-delivery of daily publications
  • Full-page and article printing
  • On-demand narration for easy listening
  • Instant translation of up to  14 languages
  • Seamless horizontal reading powered by SmartFlow technology
  • In place-expansion that expands full articles in-place minimizing reading breaks.
  • Page view index to jump to different sections

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