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Public libraries today are in the midst of a major transition. As library patrons become more technology-focused and mobile-oriented, the pressure for public libraries to follow suit and offer improved digital services is increasing. With PressReader, public libraries can now meet the demands of today’s library patrons with a comprehensive digital resource, while minimizing costs.

With a database of over 5,000 well-known newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Business Traveler and ForbesDaily, PressReader is the ideal digital news resource for libraries seeking to offer their patrons a vast range of local, regional and international publications with enhanced digital features.

PressReader can easily be activated in the library or implemented for offsite access:

  •   In the library - With PressReader HotSpot, patrons get unlimited access through the library’s Wi-Fi connection on their personal device with no login required. Once a title is downloaded it can be viewed anywhere, anytime.
  •   Offsite access – Through Library PressDisplay by PressReader, patrons can remotely access a library of publications from the comfort of their homes, using a library card or other remote authentication methods.
The PressReader Advantage

PressReader is an ideal digital resource encouraging increased visit to the libraries and usage of the library website. Offering a unique digital experience and a vast collection of full-content publications including well-known titles such as the Washington Post, Business Traveler and the Guardian, PressReader will help increase library traffic.  With access to titles from more than 100 countries, PressReader will attract ex-pats and immigrants who seek news sources from their hometown.

PressReader provides access to over 5,000 newspapers and lifestyle, business and sports magazines to instantly expand any media collection.  With highly respected titles that include global magazines and newspapers; it’s easy to offer patrons an incredible wealth of new information.

PressReader is one resource for thousands of publications. It eliminates the need for shelf space while minimizing labor and time required for periodicals management.

PressReader’s agreements with leading publishers from around the world allow us to offer first-to-market same-day  news content, before the print copies are delivered, allowing patrons to receive the most  up-to-date news.

PressReader is a cost-effective solution in many ways. Library patrons access content using their own personal device at the library or from their homes. With this convenient method of delivery there is no need to purchase additional equipment. In addition, libraries can provide access to a variety of local, regional and international magazines and newspapers, eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple services. Lastly, international content is readily available, so complementing local publications with PressReader is more cost-effective than managing expensive subscriptions to international publications.

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience including features unique to the brand:

  • Seamless horizontal reading powered by SmartFlow technology
  • Advanced cross-title search to find stories on any topic across all publications
  • Multiple authentication methods for onsite and offsite access
  • Full-page and article printing
  • In place-expansion that expands full articles in-place minimizing reading breaks.
  • Page view index to jump to different sections
  • On-demand narration for easy listening
  • Instant translation of up to  14 languages

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