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In an era of constant connectedness on personal mobile devices, more and more travelers expect to have instant access to the latest news and events, even while away at sea. With PressReader, cruise operators can now offer a digital newspaper service that meets the news consumption habits of today’s cruise passenger that is customizable and scalable.

With a library of over 5,000 top-tier newspapers and magazines including the Washington Post, Business Traveler, Elle France, and ForbesDaily, PressReader allows individual ships to customize a library of newspapers and magazines that caters the passengers on board. PressReader’s innovative offline solution, now offers cruise line passengers the luxury of same-day full-content digital editions of their favorite publication from around the world – even before they hit the newsstands.

PressReader can easily be implemented on-board with:

  • PressReader Offline: Each ship can customize a library of newspapers and magazine based on their particular regional location and passenger demographics. Ships download their selected titles daily via satellite and offer their passengers a local Wi-Fi connection to download the titles on their personal mobile device. With this solution, costs remain low for ships while still being able to provide the quality service and amenity to passengers. Once a title is downloaded it can be viewed by PressReader users anytime, anywhere throughout the journey.
  • PressReader Plus: To complement the digital access, PressReader Plus provides cruise lines with an option to add a print-on-demand service for passengers that enjoy their favorite publication in print. Ships can offer passengers wide selection of newspapers and magazines from the PressReader network and print replica editions on-board.  
The PressReader Advantage

With PressReader, cruise lines are able to exceed expectations of today’s travelers with a unique service while at sea. PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience like no other as passengers have access to a global collection of publications delivered as stunning full-content digital newspapers and magazines.  Passengers can enjoy an array of digital reading features like SmartFlow, PageView and SmartZoom offline that makes reading enjoyable and engaging.  Passengers can download publications directly to their tablet or smartphone and enjoy anywhere in rooms, lounges, or by the pool.

Because of its digital content delivery format, PressReader is not only portable and convenient for passengers, but also cost effective for cruise operators. As a lightweight alternative to the printed format of newspapers and magazines brought on board, PressReader contributes to reducing costs associated with added weight and print distribution.  

PressReader offers a revolutionary reading experience including features unique to the brand:

  • Customize publications library on-board using broadband as required
  • Accessible on tablets or smartphones running on iOS or Android
  • Seamless horizontal reading powered by  SmartFlow technology
  • In place-expansion to minimize breaks in reading
  • Page view index to jump to different sections
  • On-demand narration for easy listening

In addition to offering passengers with a unique amenity, PressReader also introduces new revenue and cross-promotional opportunities. Passengers will see sponsored messaging that can be customized by the cruise line as a tool to cross promote other guest services or to promote partner brands.

PressReader provides unlimited access to all the papers without all the papers to distribute and recycle.  Its digital delivery format is an eco-friendly solution resulting in less waste and clutter without compromising on the quality and selection of titles.

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