Print Distributors

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For the past 14 years, PressReader has been connecting people through news. Using our proven on-demand business model, our print distributors have established successful businesses by selling, printing, and distributing popular out-of-market newspapers that is hard to find in local newsstands. 

  • Print and distribute same-day editions of top tier newspapers.
  • Grow revenue by providing high demand out-of-market newspapers to businesses and consumers.
  • Take control with access to a selection of titles that is printed on-demand.
  • Ensure success by working with a trusted partner with over 14 years’ experience.

PressReader’s turnkey solution for short-run digital newspaper production means distributors can provide global titles to people living anywhere in the world.

Carrying top-tier publications has made PressReader a trusted brand. We’ve got the stuff people actually want to read. Additionally, our digital newspapers print perfectly using standard office equipment. Your customers get exactly what they expect—even the crosswords and sudoku puzzles are intact.

Print distributors can profit three ways: by distributing printed titles of any of the newspapers from our online library, by introducing new titles to our library, or by placing ads on the backs of approved titles.

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, the demand for international newspapers is on the rise. We’ve only scratched the surface. With reguar equipment and a little business savvy, you have the potential to bring avid readers access to the brands they recognize and desire. Learn more about how you can partner with us.