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As today’s most engaging digital content distribution and publishing solution, many leading manufacturers already preload PressReader onto millions of tablets, smartphones, and eReader devices, but we also create custom solutions for our partners like publishers.

With over 14 years’ experience in the industry, we know what people want, and we’re constantly pushing the bounds of innovation. Together with our partners, PressReader is establishing new standards for excellence in the field of digital publishing. We’re always ready to work with industry leaders whose capabilities and strengths complement our own. Together, we’re changing how the world reads.

Since launching, we’ve evolved into a global platform that provides readers with access to top-tier publications from around the world. Our seamless and high resolution reading experience is enhanced by powerful features like SmartFlow, SmartZoom, Page View and In place expansion. It was voted Best App Ever for IOS in 2012 for its innovation and uniqueness.

One of PressReader’s greatest strengths is that it gives you a consistent experience across all devices and platforms. By leveraging our skills and expertise, we’ve successfully created new products and services for hardware manufacturers, mobile operators, online retailers, internet portal companies, and many more. Our distinguished technology partners include Microsoft, Blackberry, Samsung, and many more.

Many of the world’s most trusted brands have already distinguished PressReader as the go-to solution for digital content publishing, but we’re not letting the popularity go to our heads. We’re always on the lookout for ways to innovate and improve. It’s how we help you stay ahead of the pack.

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