Welcome to PressReader

Company Overview.

Founded in 1999, PressReader is the global leader in multi-channel, cross-platform content distribution and monetization, and the chosen partner of more than 5,000+ publishers from 100 countries.

PressReader provides consumers and businesses access to thousands of local, national and international full-content newspapers and magazines online, in print, and on tablets, smartphones and eReaders running iOS, Android, Android for Amazon, Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 operating systems.

It offers the world’s most engaging reading experience to millions of readers in 60 languages and can be found in leading libraries, hotels, airlines, corporate and government buildings, cruise lines, airport lounges, schools and restaurants around the globe.

As a fully-customizable digital publishing platform, PressReader helps publishers of all sizes and media types expand their platform support, grow global circulation and revenues, and increase brand awareness and exposure of their publications in new international markets.



PressReader by the Numbers:
  • Over 30 million users worldwide
  • Over 5,000+ publishers
  • Services available in over100 countries
  • Publications from over 100 countries
  • Titles in 60 languages
  • More than 400 agents worldwide
  • PressReader is in more than 15,000 organizations, institutions and businesses such as libraries, hotels, airport lounges and corporate offices around the world