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   Where is my newspaper?
   Why are certain sections of the newspaper displaying strange characters or fonts?
   Why is the article not linking to SmartFlow? (PressReader)
   Why is my publication downloading slowly? (both)
   Why is my app crashing?
   Why do I have to authorize or re-authorize my account? (PR)
   Why is my newspaper/magazine alert not working? (PD)
   Why are monitoring alerts not working? (PD)
   Why am I getting alerts? (PD)
   How do I unsubscribe to email alerts? (PD)
   I unsubscribed to email alerts but am still receiving them. How come? (PD / SE)
   Why is my crossword not printing? (PD / PR)
   Why am I getting a “restriction” message when I try to download a specific newspaper? (PD / PR)
   Why can’t I access titles that I typically access on PressReader and PressDisplay.com?
   Why are certain titles available onwww.pressdisplay.com and not on PressReader?
   Why can’t I authorize my device?  (PR / PD)
   How do I de-authorize my device? (PR)
   I’ve lost or broken by device, how do I authorize PressReader on my new device?
   How far back can I access issues?
   How long will my downloaded issues remain in my library?
   Why have my issues disappeared even though my auto-removal settings in PressReader are set to never?
   Why is my favorite publication no longer available?
   Which devices are supported by PressReader?
   How do I uninstall PressReader?
   Will my library be restored when I upgrade to the latest version of PressReader?
   Will my library be restored when I update my operating system?
   Why can I not access my paid downloaded single issue?
   A new PressReader for Windows8 update was released but I don’t see the update when I navigate to the Windows Store. How come?
   I re-installed my application, how do I restore my downloaded issues or library?
   How do I translate an article?
   How do I share articles?
   How do I share a page?
   How do I get a PDF file of my publication?
   How do I bookmark articles or pages?
   Does PressReader support touch interface on Windows 8 devices?
   Can I choose a male or female voice for the on-demand audio feature?
   Why can’t I share articles by email when I’m offline?
   How do I download the eReader version of PressReader wirelessly?
   Why didn’t I get my trial issues?
   How do I print pages without watermarks?
   Why do I get the “bookmark limit exceeded” message?
   Why am I asked to pay when I have accessed PressReader from a PressReader Hot Zone?
   Why are certain titles not available?
   Why am I seeing a message from an organization or institution?
   Do I need a username and password to access PressReader within an IP-authenticated Hot Zone?
   Why are my credits being used up?
   Why can I no longer download free issues?
   Should I tap the Download or Authorize button to read an issue?
   Why can’t I view my shared article?
   Why can’t I read the publication I wish to past page 1?
   Why isn’t my barcode working?
   Why can’t I bookmark my articles?
   Is there a way to set up alerts?
   How long do I have to wait until I can access the system after I receive a “no more licenses available” prompt?
   Why doesn’t Library PressDisplay time out when the system has been inactive?
   How long do I have until the system times out if left inactive?
   Why does the list of “Library Picks” revert to a random selection of titles after I have set it?
   Can I specify an email address to appear when an article or page is shared?
   What smartphones, tablets or eReaders can I use to access Library PressDisplay?
   Which publications are available through Library PressDisplay?