Foreign Papers Daily Without Wait

28 July, 2003     Press Room

Source: Daily News

Mitchell Newman may be the best friend the newspaper business—worldwide—has in New York.

Besides dropping off some 150,000 papers a day to homes and offices in the city and nearby suburbs, Mitchell's Newspaper Delivery is now offering same-day editions of out-of-town and foreign publications.

In a corner of Mitchell's W. 37th Street warehouse that looks like a corner of Kinko's, a PC is able to download digital files of 180 papers, and print them out on huge Konica copiers onto 11-by-17-inch paper.

As a result, a customer on the East Side is getting three French dailies a day. A Manhattan public relations firm that had to have the July 3 edition of the San Jose (Calif. ) Mercury News got it that morning.

While acknowledging that most papers can be read free of charge online, Newman said, “I wouldn't say that the average guy wants to read a lot online. We think there's a market. ”

Besides international business people and expatriates, Mitchell also has his sights on hotels, consulates and conventions.

The family-run business also is stepping cautiously into the retail trade by making copies of some papers available for sale by vendors.

Universal news dealers around Manhattan recently began selling, at $4.25 a copy, same-day editions of Le Monde, the Paris daily, and The Times of London, supplied by Mitchell's.

The Times of India, Al-Jazirah, the Jerusalem Post and Il Mattino, plus more than a dozen U.S. dailies, also can be printed at night for morning delivery.

Mitchell's is charging delivery customers $6.95 for a single copy, or $4.25 a day by subscription.

In an ironic twist, its print-on-demand service, via the Internet, is a digital descendant of Hotaling's, the mecca for out-of-town papers that long operated in Times Square. Growing online access led the store to close in 1999. Hotaling's now focuses on a wholesale trade – to Mitchell's and others – from a W. 52nd Street office.

Mitchell's origins date to Mitchell's candy store, which Alfred L. Newman, Mitchell Newman's late father, opened in 1946 and long operated on First Avenue at 50th Street.

The store took its name from nearby Mitchell Place.

“People think Mitchell's Newspaper Delivery was named after me,” Newman said, “but I was named after it. ”

It's the first New York partner of, a Vancouver-based company whose server stores the digital files and provides the computer software to download them.

“We're a speck on the map compared to the newspaper industry as a whole,” said Newspaper Direct marketing manager Gary Shilling, “but we're printing 70,000 papers a month worldwide, and we're growing 10% to 20% a month. ”

NewsStand, headquartered in Austin, Texas, distributes 48 publications in more than 100 countries. Newspapers are distributed by single copy and to subscribers, the company's Web site says.

Paul D. Colford
Daily News Business Writer