PressReader HotSpot

PressReader HotSpot is a bundled solution that gives businesses the flexibility and versatility to offer a mobile or online version of the world’s largest digital kiosk. PressReader HotSpot combines the convenience and state-of-the art technology of the mobile app with the elegant presentation of PressReader online at

Through a sophisticated IP authentication method, businesses can designate local Wi-Fi enabled areas as HotSpots offering their customers complimentary access to publications on the PressReader network.  

PressReader Mobile

Businesses can offer their customers PressReader mobile.  Customers can easily launch the mobile app on their personal device and download and read the title of their choice from PressReader’s vast collection of newspapers and magazines -- anytime, anywhere at their convenience.

PressReader Online

With PressReader online, customers can access their favorite publications through via the business’s existing computers or through customer’s mobile devices.

For more details on the subscription packages, contact us or a local agent.