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Enjoy thousands of popular newspapers and magazines online at PressReader aggregates the world’s most trusted publications in one place in a convenient and accessible format. You get unlimited reading of full-content same-day news or the latest edition of magazines delivered in a stunning, clean and intuitive web design.

PressReader’s proprietary technology, like SmartFlow and SmartZoom, was designed to maximize reading enjoyment for all types of readers. With additional features like social integration through Facebook and Twitter, commenting, sharing and voting, PressReader is changing how people read, share, discuss and connect people through news.

Access is easy and registration is free. Customize your settings and you can get the news you want when you want. Choose from a library of over 2,000 titles from over 100 countries in nearly 60 languages covering a range of topics from business, travel, world news, lifestyle and entertainment. PressReader is the world’s most innovative digital newsstand.

Why PressReader online?

Whether you’re on a computer, tablet or smartphone device, gives you an engaging experience like no other web aggregator can offer.

Proprietary technology offering a more enjoyable reading experience PressReader’s advanced tools and proprietary technology such as SmartFlow, readers can now enjoy, on the web, the same tablet experience of swiping left to right for one continuous horizontal stream of content.

Within the SmartFlow mode, in-place expansion allows readers to stay in place, rather than redirected by links, to receive the full content version of the article minimizing breaks in reading flow.

For those more traditional readers who enjoy the original printed format, PressReader offers a digital replica of newspapers and magazines with its Page View option. Get the same reading experience on your computer as you would in print with advertising and editorial in its original format and sections indexed in thumbnail format to quickly jump to specific sections.

With one platform you get access to a wide selection of local, regional and international newspapers and magazines. With well-known titles like Washington Post, LA Times, USA Today, The New York Post, Cosmopolitan (India), Harper’s Bazaar (Singapore), The Guardian and the Australian PressReader caters to a vast range of interests and topics from business to lifestyle, entertainment to politics. Representing over 100 countries in nearly 60 languages, publications on the PressReader platform is a way to connect people through news with the latest happenings from their hometown or to get a perspective or insight on their destination.

Readers can enjoy a variety of top news from around the world each day on To access premium content of choice, PressReader offers one affordable monthly subscription plan that proves to be more cost-effective than multiple individual subscriptions.

Access is easy and simple with one-time free registration. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device. There’s no need to subscribe and register to multiple publications. One destination – PressReader online, gives you access to a library of publications.

Whether you are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can access using the latest version of the following browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

By registering for free, you can customize your settings and receive the news you want from the country, language or publication of choice. Top news sends you the latest news topics based on editorial coverage but with your customized account, Reader’s Choice sends you news based on your language, country and publication preference so you get the news that matters to you.

PressReader’s licensed agreements with publishers from around the world grants us the permission to deliver and to digitally distribute content to the PressReader platform often before it hits the newsstands. Readers receive alerts of each edition’s availability on the platform often before it goes to the printing press.

Eco-friendly news consumption

One of PressReaders’s greatest advantages is that it’s eco-friendly delivery format. Providing millions of subscribers with online access to their favourite newspapers and magazines means more trees and less waste. No delivery means a reduction in fossil fuels too. Eco-conscious readers will appreciate the fact that PressReader lets them stay informed while preserving the planet.

SmartFlow Experience:

  •   Seamless horizontal reading powered by SmartFlow technology - swipe technology that mimics the tablet reading experience using a mouse  or keyboard  to move seamlessly from article to article horizontally
  •   In-place expansion that gives readers the full article in-place minimizing reading breaks
  •   SmartZoom enlarges text without compromising on the resolution quality.
  •   Responsive design fits content to the correct screen size

Replica Experience:

  •   Page view index to jump to different sections
  •   Digital content presented in its original printed format with editorial and advertising.


  •   Personalization of top news based on selected title, language or topics and a smart recommendation engine that delivers related news topics
  •   Customizable fonts styles and picture sizes
  •   Monitoring tools including keyword alerts for specified searches delivered to your inbox
  •   Advanced cross-title search allowing you to find stories on your topic across all publications
  •   Bookmarking of articles for later reading or reference

Organization and Categorization

  •   Section classification of popular topics like business, sports and entertainment for easy browsing

Social experience

  •   Social media integration through Facebook and Twitter
  •   Article sharing through email
  •   Commenting on articles
  •   Voting on articles you like or dislike

Interactive Experience

  •   Instant translation of up to 14 languages
  •   On-demand narration as an alternative to reading
  •   Custom printing of publications by article or by page
  •   Copy and paste compatibility with Instapaper or Evernote for easy note taking

For a better experience, watch our videos to see PressReader online in action.